Sarah Anderson

You Can Achieve Great Things!

When you become hyper-focused on your goals and surround yourself with the people who elevate you, you can achieve great things.  


I became a coach after receiving some very poor training and nutrition advice from a PT that caused me to suffer with the female athlete triad (or REDs). I lost my cycle for 3.5 years which caused some profound health problems.

I vowed afterwards that I would become a coach to help prevent the spread of misinformation around health and fitness so that the same thing could be prevented in future. 

I work first and foremost to get clients strong. To prevent injury from sport and to preserve longevity. I work on the basis of doing the fundamentals well, consistency, and habit/ behaviour change. 

Of course, my bias is to use the kettlebell to keep clients lean, as well as strong- nothing does that better than the kettlebell. 

In my spare time I’m currently studying for an MSc in S&C at St Mary’s of Twickenham and hanging out with my two feral children, Annabelle & Fraser. 

Before I became a trainer I was a music critic and have gotten myself into ALOT of mischief at gigs backstage…. I could tell you, but, I’d have to kill you.

My Appearance On The Chat Sh*t Get Fit Podcast

What My trainees say

Sarah has given me my confidence back. In fact I’m more confident now than before having a baby.

My main priority was to be able to fit exercise in around my baby - I’ve been able to see great results with just 3 sessions a week”

I have learnt so much from her. I now feel in control of my nutrition and my training and am excited at the progress I am making.

I have lost 3 stone this year and multiple inches. Best investment I have ever made

Life changing - I’ve never weight trained before and it’s a complete game changer, I can’t think of any negatives.

Daily things such as lifting and carrying the children have become so much easier, I have more energy and the physical results are more than I could have wished for

It really is the best and most effective weight loss/muscle building programme I have done.

And not having to jump up and down pouring with sweat is a revelation to me.

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