Hannah Murphy

I know how hard it is

You’ve probably struggled in the past with getting the results you want, whether that be to lose weight or gain muscle. 

I’ve been there and know what it takes to sustainably get the results you deserve.

Hannah's Transformation - Train Primal
My Transformation
Train Primal - Hannah Murphy

I’m an injury specialist coach, personal trainer and one of Train Primals Online Personal Trainers. When it comes to training whether it is for health or rehabilitation I focus on active management, individualised treatment and evidence-based practice.

Rather than treating people like robots I take a client-centred, compassionate approach and consider everything that may influence our health; whether it's work commitments, childcare, stress or limiting beliefs.

I want you to be a strong, resilient human both in and outside of the gym. These things go hand in hand and we can’t have one without the other. I believe fitness should be a part of your life but not your entire life and it is this balance I aim to help you achieve for longevity and enjoyment in training.


I became a coach because having been either side of the weight loss spectrum and totally miserable at both I wanted people to learn from my mistakes and help those in need. This then developed into a passion for science, movement and behaviour change that is the foundation upon which I base my business now.

My training style has varied enormously since the pandemic started, before I had tunnel vision for improving strength on ‘the big 3’ whereas now I set goals based around hypertrophy and learning new movements so I can move my body in new ways to keep me interested.

In my spare time I typically walk, cook relax with my cats, study and spend time with people who are important to me. 

A lesser known thing about myself is that prior to moving to England I was a site manager in tourism in Italy 🇮🇹

My trainees say

First person I’ve trained with that I felt like cares about how I feel in the gym and outside the gym.

Even though I’ve moved from Coventry to a different city and now to a different continent - would rather stick to online training with than find anyone else

You’ve helped me understand we can fancy a chocolate and still be healthy and on track.

You’ve helped everyday with little messages that kept me strong enough to keep going!

It’s not only about fitness and exercise, with you it’s all about being health in every way; mentally & physically

Then I met Hannah - we started to work on making healthier choices and worked on breaking the negative relationship I had with food. This wasn’t a quick fix.

I started to see results slowly, I started to feel more confident. I stopped getting ill all the time and no longer have asthma. Two years makes a difference.

You Are Ready...

To make a real, lasting change and you want the support of expert, personal guidance to get you there.