Dave McCallum

How Far Can You Go?

I want to help everyone see what they are capable of and how far their bodies and mind can go.

Train Primal - Dave McCallum

A former British Army Physical training instructor & coach of British Army Warrior Fitness to now proudly the Head Coach of Train Primal.

I have been involved with Functional fitness/S&C training and competing for nearly 10 years now and my number one takeaway? It’s a rapidly evolving and exciting field to be working in and I take this approach when I programme Primal Apex and Primal Fit for all of our members.

Always varied, always exciting, always effective. This is what I look back to when programming for the community. If I’ve missed one aspect it’s back to the drawing board.

For over 10 years I’ve been committed to helping people change their lifestyle through fitness. Now as a part of the Primal team I hope to continue this on a much larger scale.


After getting really focused in my own training I started to help some friends.

I quickly realised I was pretty good at teaching others so decided to expand my knowledge through various courses starting with becoming a certified personal trainer and then additionally a CrossFit trainer as well.

Helping people reach their potential, their peak in health and performance is what really drives me forward in this industry

CrossFit. I love the constantly varied movements at a high intensity. Even after 10 years+ I’m still being challenged and tested on a daily basis.

I enjoy hiking (Scottish highlands on the doorstep helps!) , road cycling, watching films mainly Marvel (super geek) I also like to get stuck into a good tv series – Sons of Anarchy and Vikings spring to mind. Most importantly is spending time with my family.

I love cartoons! Especially 90s toon like X-men, Spiderman and Dragonball Z

My trainees say

Cannot believe how much I have changed, thanks for all your continuous support Dave.

Didn’t think online coaching could work but I stand corrected

I had a 27 minute 5k being absolutely knackered then 2 weeks later you go onto a chilled out 5k “slow effort” and end up doing a 23/24 minute one.

If this is my slow effort what’s going to happen on my fast effort. To improve that fast is pretty impressive.

The team is keen, motivated and the programming from my perspective - I’ve been with it a long time and it’s only getting better and better and it’s fantastic.

You’re missing a trick if you don’t jump on it.

You Are Ready...

To make a real, lasting change and you want the support of expert, personal guidance to get you there.