Bill Gaylor

Let’s Tackle The Barriers Together

There shouldn’t be barriers to good health and fitness. I want to build a community that educates and enables success.

Train Primal - Bill Gaylor Top 10 Fittest In The British Army

British Army Physical Training Instructor, Co-Host of the Chat Sh*t Get Fit podcast and the owner of Train Primal. I’m super into the sport of CrossFit, both watching and competing/training and this of course influences our community. Primal Apex our Functional Fitness Competitors Programme springs to mind! Not everyone likes CrossFit so don’t worry not everything we do is that way inclined!

Before Train Primal was born I spent a lot of time training and competing in British Army Warrior Fitness competitions. Winning 1 regional competition and even making the national finals both as a team and individual. I spent a lot of time training the guys In my unit to get fitter, faster & stronger so this led to an idea of scaling this training to the masses.

During this time the Chat Sh*t Get Fit podcast was in full swing where we often discuss things like barriers to fitness so that led to the idea of Train Primal being more than a “functional fitness” programme but an entire fitness community for all where barriers are removed and everyone can reap the benefits of health and fitness.

Train Primal is born. A community of experts providing great service to a community of individuals passionate about improving health and fitness.

It’s cliché to say my life revolves around health & fitness but if you sat down and watched my life unfold I’m either in the gym, researching/producing the Chat Sh*t Get Fit podcast or making content for the Train Primal community. My amazing Fiancée Jess is stronger than I’ll ever be having to put up with my hectic lifestyle!

Our mission going forward is simple. Grow a network of expert coaches to provide the best possible content, advice and coaching to the members of Train Primal. There doesn’t need to be barriers to great health and fitness & we want to be a community without barriers.


Two parts to this really. Firstly poor health choices normally lead to suffering at some stage and I’m not ok with that but I’m also aware of the barriers and challenges people face in pursuit of good health. So, to become a coach/trainer has given me the tools to help those who need it.

Improve health and live happy. Simple.

The other part is seeing what people are capable of. Taking someone from zero to hero and showing them this is what your hard work has done. It’s a proud moment to see it all pay off.

I started with the generic big lifts in the gym and then a lot of cardio/running for when I was joining the British Army but since joining I was exposed to the varied exciting world of CrossFit/Functional Fitness and I’ve never looked back since.

There is always something to improve on and I love it. Still find time for a bicep session though.

What’s spare time? Does the podcast count?

Big geek. From World of Warcraft to Lord of the Rings to the comic book universes of Marvel & DC. There was even a time where I’d spend hours painting Warhammer. So, yeah big geek really. Anyone can lift right?!

My trainees say

SugarWod made it better for me bringing out my competitive streak, as for myself I’m not in a gym environment

I workout at home so being able to see the communities results it’s given me that kick up the bum to push myself that little bit further

Primal Apex membership is far by the best thing I have ever purchased.

It has made me strongest and fittest I have ever been. The coaching is brilliant. The feedback and positive attitude is brilliant

Most importantly these guys care about your fitness journey. It’s like having a daily PT in your pocket.

These guys (Bill & Dave) are EX military so no b.s as well.

You Are Ready...

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