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Bill Gaylor

Let’s Tackle The Barriers Together

British Army Physical Training Instructor, Co-Host of the Chat Sh*t Get Fit podcast and the owner of Train Primal. I’m super into the sport of CrossFit, both watching and competing/training and this of course influences our community. Primal Apex our Functional Fitness Competitors Programme springs to mind! Not everyone likes CrossFit so don’t worry not everything we do is that way inclined!

Before Train Primal was born I spent a lot of time training and competing in British Army Warrior Fitness competitions. Winning 1 regional competition and even making the national finals both as a team and individual. I spent a lot of time training the guys In my unit to get fitter, faster & stronger so this led to an idea of scaling this training to the masses.


During this time the Chat Sh*t Get Fit podcast was in full swing where we often discuss things like barriers to fitness so that led to the idea of Train Primal being more than a “functional fitness” programme but an entire fitness community for all where barriers are removed and everyone can reap the benefits of health and fitness.

Train Primal is born. A community of experts providing great service to a community of individuals passionate about improving health and fitness.

It’s cliché to say my life revolves around health & fitness but if you sat down and watched my life unfold I’m either in the gym, researching/producing the Chat Sh*t Get Fit podcast or making content for the Train Primal community. My amazing Fiancée Jess is stronger than I’ll ever be having to put up with my hectic lifestyle!

Our mission going forward is simple. Grow a network of expert coaches to provide the best possible content, advice and coaching to the members of Train Primal. There doesn’t need to be barriers to great health and fitness & we want to be a community without barriers.

There shouldn’t be barriers to good health and fitness. I want to build a community that educates and enables success.

Dave McCallum

How Far Can You Go?

A former British Army Physical training instructor & coach of British Army Warrior Fitness to now proudly the Head Coach of Train Primal.

I have been involved with Functional fitness/S&C training and competing for nearly 10 years now and my number one takeaway? It’s a rapidly evolving and exciting field to be working in and I take this approach when I programme Primal Apex and Primal Fit for all of our members.

Always varied, always exciting, always effective. This is what I look back to when programming for the community. If I’ve missed one aspect it’s back to the drawing board.

For over 10 years I’ve been committed to helping people change their lifestyle through fitness. Now as a part of the Primal team I hope to continue this on a much larger scale.

I want to help everyone see what they are capable of and how far their bodies and mind can go.

Sarah Anderson

You Can Achieve Great Things!

I became a coach after receiving some very poor training and nutrition advice from a PT that caused me to suffer with the female athlete triad (or REDs). I lost my cycle for 3.5 years which caused some profound health problems.

I vowed afterwards that I would become a coach to help prevent the spread of misinformation around health and fitness so that the same thing could be prevented in future.

I work first and foremost to get clients strong. To prevent injury from sport and to preserve longevity. I work on the basis of doing the fundamentals well, consistency, and habit/ behaviour change.

Of course, my bias is to use the kettlebell to keep clients lean, as well as strong- nothing does that better than the kettlebell.

In my spare time I’m currently studying for an MSc in S&C at St Mary’s of Twickenham and hanging out with my two feral children, Annabelle & Fraser. 

Before I became a trainer I was a music critic and have gotten myself into ALOT of mischief at gigs backstage…. I could tell you, but, I’d have to kill you.

When you become hyper-focused on your goals and surround yourself with the people who elevate you, you can achieve great things.

Hannah Murphy

I Know How Hard It Is

I’m an injury specialist coach, personal trainer and one of Train Primals Online Personal Trainers. When it comes to training whether it is for health or rehabilitation I focus on active management, individualised treatment and evidence-based practice.

Rather than treating people like robots I take a client-centred, compassionate approach and consider everything that may influence our health; whether it’s work commitments, childcare, stress or limiting beliefs.

I want you to be a strong, resilient human both in and outside of the gym. These things go hand in hand and we can’t have one without the other. I believe fitness should be a part of your life but not your entire life and it is this balance I aim to help you achieve for longevity and enjoyment in training.

You’ve probably struggled in the past with getting the results you want, whether that be to lose weight or gain muscle.

I’ve been there and know what it takes to sustainably get the results you deserve.

“I’m so much better, I use to struggle with training before, it was quite a drama, especially things like running as I’m a bigger person - doing the programme (Primal Apex) my fitness has gone from one extreme to the other - people who use to overtake me on runs I’m now going past them. It’s class”

“Someone else doing it for you, programming it works well - you haven’t really go to think about it, you just look at what you’re doing and get on with it. Fitness levels are probably up there with one of the best I’ve been I feel - all round.”

“For the first time I have found myself more interested in improving my strength, rather than focusing on weight loss etc. Having nutrition advice included has also been fabulous, I’m enjoying eating lots of lovely food and Sarah is always on hand for advice and recipe suggestions”

London Online Training

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